6 Product Packaging Help your Brand Stand Out
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6 Product Packaging Help your Brand Stand Out

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Packaging can do more than you think. When customers browse online or in-store, a product's packaging is usually the first element that catches their attention.


The proper packaging can make all the difference. It's the first thing new customers see, helps shape their perception of you early on, and ensures you stand out from your competitors. It can also help convince consumers to buy your product, even if it's a little more expensive than the other products on the shelf.


Choosing your packaging is about more than just the look and feel. There are many packaging options, from mailers and pouches to sleeves and hanging displays. Here, we discuss what packaging options are available to eCommerce brands and how to get started.


4 critical elements of product packaging that stand out

In an age where consumers have seen so many different packaging designs, there are already specific standards for brand packaging in some consumers' minds. Coupled with complex consumer regulations, here are the four most basic vital elements to help your brand packaging stand out, as summarized by custom packaging manufacturer East Color.

▪ Your logo and branding

▪ Artwork on the package

▪ Product documentation and accessories (included in the box)

▪ Bar codes and country of origin markings

While the latter two elements are essential, the first two points are the most interesting. Standing out in today's crowded market means creating product packaging that is branded, relevant, and highly tailored to customer needs.


6 designs that will make your brand packaging stand out

After understanding the 4 essential key elements above, it's time to choose a packaging design. What kind of packaging design will make you stand out in the fierce peer competition? The packaging box manufacturer Dongcai has summarized for you the following 6 kinds of popular packaging designs, hoping you can provide you with some reference values.


1. Mailboxes

Mailboxes are a top choice for e-commerce packaging. They're simple, elegant, and highly customizable for every industry. If you're an avid online shopper, you probably already have plenty of these dropping into your mailbox.

They tend to come in three different varieties.

• Standard mailboxes with wings

• Mailboxes with sticky tear strips

• Mailboxes without wings

mailer boxes 


2. Product Boxes

Over the past few years, the unboxing experience has become very popular. In many ways, the more layers you have, the better. After all, you don't want the fun to end once the customer has torn open the outer packaging. Product boxes allow you to keep the brand experience going with product-sized boxes and cases. They also provide additional print space to add important product information when shipping multiple items simultaneously. Depending on your needs, these boxes are available in cardboard and corrugated varieties.

product boxes 

What are product boxes best suited for?

Product boxes are best suited for individually packaged items and small products such as skin care, cosmetics, chocolates, candles, cups, jars, or perfumes.


3. Packaging Sleeves

Package your products in branded packaging sleeves for extra brand awareness. They are customized to wrap your mailer or product box and provide more information about the product, additional branded content, or just an extra layer of branded packaging to wrap your box and keep it closed.

 Packaging Sleeves

What is the best packaging sleeve for?

Packaging sleeves are perfect for wrapping mailers and product boxes and provide branding and message enhancement for any generic packaging.


4. Hanging Displays

Don't forget your in-store packaging. Even when shoppers can touch your products in person, they still expect the whole brand experience. Hanging displays allow you to suspend your products in a carefully curated retail environment.

Hangding Pagkaging Boxes 

What are hanging displays best suited for?

Hanging displays are most commonly used in brick-and-mortar environments and are ideal for displaying candy, toys, or cosmetics.


5. Custom Bags

Custom bags offer another way to package products, whether you want an easy-to-carry outer layer or want to package individual items in a way that's easy to transport. Consider also the promotional elements - some bags can be reused, quickly becoming part of a customer's daily life.

Custom paper bag 

Depending on the closure chosen, custom bags can be used in many ways, with resealing capabilities, tipping capabilities, and childproofing. What are pouches best suited for? Pouches are typically used for small, loose products such as snacks, mixtures, pet food, soaps, and non-alcoholic liquids. Still, they can be used for a variety of reasons. Some pouches can even be used for hanging retail displays if configured correctly.


6. Custom product packaging

Have a unique product that doesn't fit into the most common packaging formats or needs a more customized solution? Custom packaging is your friend. Create product-shaped boxes, interactive packaging, and a unique brand experience. Create a more customized and thoughtful unboxing experience with inserts, dividers, or unique void fill options.

Custom Packaging 

What is custom packaging best for?

Products that don't fit into molds require additional positioning or placement or are unique selling points and can be reflected in the custom packaging style. These types of packages are perfect for brand moments or media-based programs designed to engage your audience for PR opportunities or as a way to generate publicity for a new product or service you are launching. Our custom packaging is a great way to differentiate your product from competitors.


For custom packaging, contact East Color, where we can provide you with bulk customization services in addition to a professional design team to assist you in creating packaging designs that showcase the strength of your brand.

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