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Clothing Packaging

Why do garments need packaging too? Not only for protection during transportation but also to visually showcase the characteristics of the product, East Color will customize each package.

Clothing Packaging materials: specialty paper, white/black cardboard, embossed paper, double-powder paper, coated paper, and kraft paper.

Clothing Packaging process: lamination, foil stamping, varnishing, embossing, die-cutting and creasing, UV, reverse varnishing, foil stamping, laser embossing transfer, ice dot snowflake

Clothing Packaging surface treatment process: oiling, laminating, UV, hot stamping/silver stamping, embossing, laser, embossing, die-cutting).

East Color Custom Clothing Packaging

East Color has a professional design team that can provide you with clothing packaging materials, process selection, packaging box structure, design, and other aspects of advice, and provides you with the most consistent with your product marketing direction design so that each box gives the product can stand out in many retail images, as a professional clothing packaging manufacturers, we can provide you with one-stop Packaging services, contact us, we will surprise you.

Specialize In Providing Innovative 
One-stop Paper Packaging Services For Global Brands.
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