Good news | Dongcai Group won great achievements in the "2021 China Packaging Creative Design Competition"
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Good news | Dongcai Group won great achievements in the "2021 China Packaging Creative Design Competition"

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On August 25th, the evaluation results of the 2021 China Packaging Creative Design Competition were officially released. The design team of East Color Group showed excellent professional design standards and won the independent design proposition of the China Packaging Creative Design Competition professional group. Daily use, daily chemicals, cosmetics Two third prizes in the packaging design category and one third prize in the food packaging design category.

"China Packaging Creative Design Competition" is organized by the China Packaging Federation, a national industry association approved by the State Council. It is an authoritative event in China's packaging industry, and it is also a high-profile professional competition in China's packaging industry, packaging education, and art and design education. The excellent works of the competition are also an important part of the construction of the Ministry of Education and the National Vocational Education Professional Teaching Resource Bank.


In this competition, three outstanding works of our design team are listed, namely East Color Banyue, Gentleman 01 and Gentleman 02.


Gentleman 01


Gentleman 02


"Dong Cai with the Moon" Mooncake Packaging

The packaging design of "East Color with the Moon" moon cake is based on the theme of the traditional Chinese festival "Mid-Autumn Festival", and introduces the myth of "Chang'e flying to the moon". It uses the expression form of illustrations and superimposes layers to create a three-dimensional and interesting reading. The traditional customs and allusions of the Mid-Autumn Festival are integrated into it, which vividly shows people's love for traditional festivals and the happy atmosphere of family reunion during the festival. This work uses novel and interesting ways to inherit and carry forward traditional festival customs. The overall effect is complex but not chaotic, the primary and secondary are clear, and the color is strong and festive, which makes the audience refreshing. Coupled with the design of red hollow decoration, it adds a touch of ancient charm.

Before the registration deadline for this competition, a total of more than 11,000 entries of various types were received. More than 3,600 units and colleges participating in the competition (including 32 overseas participating colleges and universities) were led by experts with professional titles of associate high school or above. Professional-to-professional evaluation principles. Judging experts select familiar majors, corresponding classifications of works, and corresponding levels (levels), and conduct counterpart evaluations on works, including preliminary review, re-review, re-review, and final review multiple processes to ensure that the competition is professional, fair and authoritative. The final statistics show that the winning ratio of this competition is: 2.18% for the first prize, 4.35% for the second prize, and 6.199% for the third prize.

The 3 awards won by the design and R&D team of East Color Group in this authoritative competition fully demonstrate the professional level and strong innovation and practical ability of our design team. Certainly, continue to protect the products of customers from all walks of life, and also strengthen the determination of Dongcai people to forge ahead on the road of packaging and printing in the future.

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