Benefits of custom paper bag for brand promotion
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Benefits of custom paper bag for brand promotion

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In our daily shopping, I'm sure you've noticed that the bags you buy products in are usually packaged with their brand logos. Why are all the major brands willing to spend money to customize their brand of paper bags packaging? The answer is simple custom paper bags are a very good means of brand promotion, can enhance the user experience simultaneously, and can play a very effective brand promotion. This post will explore the benefits of custom packaging paper bags.

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Custom paper bags are more environmentally friendly

The benefits of custom paper bags are not only marketing and advertising. It is a choice that meets the global trend of environmental protection. Harrods, the famous luxury department store, announced plans to replace all its plastic tote bags with fully recyclable paper bags by the fall. The paper bags will be 100% recycled and made partially from recycled materials.

According to news analysis, the change is a commitment to sustainability, both from a corporate social responsibility perspective and due to increased consumer demand. Plastic is no longer their first choice for a growing number of brick-and-mortar retailers. The environmental impact of plastic cannot be ignored, and as consumers become more aware of the dangers of plastic, they want brands to help them make greener choices.

According to IPSOS survey statistics, more consumers are willing to choose paper bag packaging.

  • 93% of consumers agree that paper is sustainable and should be used more often as packaging.

  • 86% of consumers agree that if they had a choice between paper packaging or another material, they would choose paper.

  • 79% of consumers think the paper is more comfortable to the touch and feel.

Paper shopping bags not only look greener but they are backed by science. A IVL Swedish Environmental Institute study investigated the greenhouse gas emissions produced by paper and plastic bags. The results found that paper bags have a significantly lower impact on the climate than LDPE (low-density polyethylene) bags.

In the United States, states are concerned about the shortcomings of plastic bags. California, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, and Maine, to name just a few, have banned single-use plastic shopping bags. As a result, more and more customers are demanding paper, states are mandating its use, and scientists are recommending its use. So custom paper bag packaging is not only good for your branding. It's more like a future packaging trend.

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The benefits of custom paper bags

Environmental protection is naturally one of the biggest advantages of custom packaging paper bags, but in addition to this, what are the other advantages of packaging paper bags as your brand product packaging?

1. Sustainable

We've discussed this above, but we'll say it again: paper bags are an excellent eco-friendly packaging option. They are made from wood, a pristine renewable resource that can be recycled. Consumers are also keenly aware that paper bags are better for the environment. This means that by choosing to use paper gift bags, shopping bags, and grocery bags, you're not only protecting the planet butu're also showing your customers that you care, and they'll no doubt appreciate it!

2. Versatility

As you will discover below, paper bags are not one-size-fits-all. Different sizes, shapes, colors, handles - the possibilities are endless. Paper is an excellent and inexpensive option if you want to tell your brand story through custom packaging.

3. Free marketing

Have you ever wandered through a shopping center and been caught by a colorful shopping bag? Maybe seeing this brand of bag made you determined to find their store and go in, or maybe you remembered the name and brand colors. Either way, well-designed paper shopping bags can boost brand affinity and attract new customers. Plus, because paper bags are reusable, your customers will likely pull them out again and again. Hundreds of people can get to know your brand thanks to a few bags!

4. Cost-effectiveness

Facebook ads, SEO (search engine optimization), and Instagram influencer marketing that point to relevant product pages on your website can immediately and significantly reduce your marketing budget. While these play an important role in modern advertising strategies, we can't forget the power of the in-person shopping experience. Creating personalized paper shopping bags through bulk orders is inexpensive and has unlimited marketing potential.

5. Tell the story of your brand

Paper bags are a bit like a blank canvas. Your team can decide what to put on it: the story you want to tell, the colors, and the details. These bags provide an opportunity to unleash your creativity and make your company memorable to everyone who uses and sees your branded paper bags.

The Basics of Custom Paper Bags

After reading the many benefits of custom bags above, do you have ideas for the right custom paper bags for your products and brand? Don't worry. You should know some basics of custom paper bags before you customize them.

  1. Provide enough space to safely carry your customers' purchases. If the size of your products varies greatly, you may need to consider offering different-sized bags.

  2. Be strong enough to hold the weight of the goods.

  3. Offer customizable options that allow you to communicate your brand story and values.

Of course, if you want to make custom paper bag packaging easier and faster, contact East Color. We are an experienced custom paper bag manufacturer with a professional team and equipment to provide you with a one-stop custom paper bag service from design to production according to your ideas and needs.

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