Collapsible boxes---help you to save 80% transportation cost
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Collapsible boxes---help you to save 80% transportation cost

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# 200% - 500% increase of international transportation cost from 2020

# What is collapsible box?

# How collapsible boxes save transportation cost?

# Other ways to save transportation cost

200% - 500% increase of international transportation cost from 2020

Since the impact of COVID-19, international freight rate had skyrocketed by 200% or even 500% from 2020, and with much longer delivery time, until now, it is still not coming back to normal. Now due to the overall weak consumer spending, many brands are full of stocks. More and more enterprises give up sourcing from China, change to buy from local market.

But the increasing material cost and the labor cost cause a big problem for the brands to buy from local with higher and higher cost, but have narrow choices for complex construction of box, local factories can only make folding cartons or simple base and lid set up boxes.

Under the tough situation, what can be a good choice for the gift packaging-- Collapsible boxes. It can be folded and packed flatly, greatly reducing the volume of outer carton and saving at least 80% of freight cost.

Meanwhile, it can also help to save on storage costs, the biggest warehouse in US --Inland Empire are fully occupied, and the storage cost is increasing accordingly. Now many companies are looking for new warehouse to store the coming goods on the ocean, so it is time to think about how to reduce packaging volume to reduce the high storage cost pressure.

What is collapsible box?

collapsible box-10collapsible box-11

Collapsible boxes (foldable rigid box) are made from grey cardboard, coat them with excellent art paper or special paper, with 3M adhesive tape or magnets or ribbon, or only a simple tongue inserted, to make it fit high-end luxury item for gifts.

There are many different kinds of collapsible boxes for you to choose, they have been proven to be very popular and helpful in several different industries, from cosmetic to garment, from perfume to electronics, and from food to toys.

FOLLOW US, to share more design with you, to select the most suitable type for your products.

collapsible boxcollapsible box-1

collapsible box-2collapsible box-3

collapsible box-4collapsible box-5

collapsible box-6collapsible box-7

collapsible box-8collapsible box-9

How collapsible box save cost?

Why collapsible boxes can be the perfect solution? Firstly, it is folded and packed flat, it can reduce the storage spaces and cost, compare the same size box with set up box and collapsible box, it can save 80% space, check below.

collapsible box-14collapsible box-15

collapsible box-17

Is there any other ways to save cost?

  • l Sourcing in advance and ship by sea transportation instead of air transportation.

  • l Work with a professional fast delivery factories from sample developing to mass production.

  • l Work with a reliable Vietnam factory to save 25% tariff.

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