Custom packaging tips for small busniess
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Custom packaging tips for small busniess

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Sometimes it's essential to catch the eye of the shopper and to whet their appetite for buying. Good custom packaging alone is the least expensive and most effective way for new, small, and e-commerce brands to promote their brand and attract customers.


For small businesses and e-commerce, creating an experience for customers is also crucial. When using packaging that matches your brand's aesthetic, you also have the opportunity to connect with your target market on an emotional level. More than 68% of shoppers say that custom packaging creates an upscale experience for any brand and makes them more excited to receive orders in the mail.

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Custom packaging tips for small business

If this is the first time you're researching custom packaging for your brand, the options and choices may feel endless, but choosing the best look and style for your unique brand doesn't have to be complicated. Here are 5 tips from custom packaging manufacturer East Color to help you better choose the right packaging brand for you.


1. know your target market

When creating your brand, you may have done your homework on your target market. Still, when creating custom packaging for your product, you want to ensure that the package's design and aesthetics will catch your ideal customer's eye. For example, suppose your brand produces high-end scented candles but chooses packaging that looks more whimsical and stylish. In that case, you may find it more challenging to attract the right shoppers.


Before looking at product packaging designs and styles, make sure you can identify your target market and the designs that will appeal to them the most.


2. Use sustainable packaging

As more and more shoppers become sustainability conscious, using recycled materials for packaging is key to impressing them. A recent survey shows that 61% of consumers are interested in supporting eco-friendly brands.


In addition to impressing environmentally conscious customers, eco-friendly packaging can provide your brand with other benefits.

• Enhances brand image and highlights environmental responsibility;

• Helps reduce your carbon footprint and protect the environment;

• Reduces impact on resources and regional landfills.


3. Pick colors that resonate with your target market

Did you know that specific colors create an emotional response in your customers?


Red usually indicates excitement and energy, which means that brands use it to encourage customers to take action. On the other hand, green or blue are at the calmer end of the spectrum - two colors that often highlight balance, serenity, and even trust.


While you certainly want to use colors that represent your brand and products, use specific colors to catch the eye and get your market to take the next step, whether inviting them to connect on social media or requesting that they leave an enthusiastic review on your website.


4. Simplicity trumps complexity

If you run into a bottleneck when designing your packaging and run out of ideas, remember to "keep it simple. This is never a wrong choice in packaging design.


Adding too many design elements or colors to a box can be off-putting or confusing to your customers. On the other hand, if you're not sure, then simplicity is a good choice, and there are still plenty of ways to make your packaging look bland through color choices, box styles, or typography.


5. Choose a professional packaging manufacturer

In the new era of small business, if you want to open up the market, you can't save costs on packaging promotion of your products, because in this era of internet telling development, you must learn to expose and attract attention if you want to have a market. Therefore, in custom packaging, you must find a reliable and robust packaging manufacturer, even if the price is higher.


Professional packaging manufacturers can provide you with high-quality packaging boxes and professional advice on design so that your custom packaging is more perfect. And more importantly, professional manufacturers have reliable production equipment and teams to ensure delivery; you will not be worried about the lack of packaging boxes because of an explosion of orders or new products because the boxes were not delivered in time and delayed release.


If you want to find a professional packaging manufacturer, choose East Color, the most professional custom packaging supplier around you.

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