Sustainable Packaging for Wine - Cardboard Packaging
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Sustainable Packaging for Wine - Cardboard Packaging

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Environmental protection is a popular theme worldwide, and product packaging naturally cannot escape, especially in this era of booming e-commerce. All kinds of goods are paying more and more attention to sustainable packaging, environmental protection packaging, and recyclable packaging. In this article, we will talk about sustainable packaging for wine - cardboard packaging.

Cardboard is a popular heavy-duty packaging material that is known for its durability. These boxes are pre-made for packaging items such as glass wine bottles. Cardboard boxes can adequately protect the contents and can be reused or recycled by the recipient. Such cardboard boxes have proven useful, especially when bottles need to be stored or shipped. Cardboard is also recyclable and has a minimal impact on the environment.

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Why recycle cardboard?

Shipping items can result in many cardboard boxes that need to be disposed of. As a business, reusing and recycling cardboard should be part of your corporate social responsibility. It helps to save landfill space, reduce environmental degradation, cut down trees to make new cardboard boxes, and promote green packaging solutions. In addition, it minimizes the amount of energy used in the manufacturing process. Recycling requires 50% less energy and 90% less water to make new cardboard. In addition, because cardboard is biodegradable, it emits significantly fewer harmful gases.

How this works

Waste paperboard is first collected from designated collection points. Once this is done, the accumulated material arrives at a recycling facility. The sorting is completed by sorting the cardboard into corrugated boxes and cardboard bins. This is important for paper mills that manufacture materials based on recycled materials. After sorting, the cardboard is shredded to obtain fine fibers, mixed with water and other chemicals for pulping. The pulp is thoroughly filtered to remove impurities such as glue, fine rope, and staples. Next, a flotation unit helps to further deink and clean the pulp. The purified pulp is blended with fresher production pulp and dried. Afterward, excess water is removed to facilitate the formation of a solid sheet that is finally bonded together to make a recyclable paperboard sheet.

Paperboard packaging is sustainable.

Today, companies large and small recycle cardboard to reduce waste disposal costs and save the planet. If the cardboard is not recycled, it can end up in landfills, releasing large amounts of methane gas into the environment and unnecessarily contributing to space and global warming. Recycling is an excellent way to keep the planet green and clean. It ultimately helps to reduce environmental pollution and conserve natural resources.

Cardboard packaging for wine

Cardboard is superior to many other packaging alternatives when transporting wine. It is the ethical, safe, and responsible choice for transporting wine supplies. So, if you are also planning to custom sustainable wine packaging, feel free to contact East Color. We are a professional, sustainable packaging manufacturer with other eco-friendly wine packaging options besides cardboard packaging.

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