Wholesale Custom Packaging? Why East Color is your best Choice
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Wholesale Custom Packaging? Why East Color is your best Choice

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As your business grows, so should your packaging strategy. Especially in this era of booming e-commerce, the slightest relaxation of your brand could see it overtaken or even replaced by others.

When upgrading your packaging design, there are some key factors you need to consider when choosing the best custom packaging, provider, and platform to meet your needs.


It is necessary to ask yourself the following questions:

 ▪ How do you plan to scale your packaging in your business?

 ▪ Do you need hands-on guidance to help you accomplish this?

 ▪ Are you looking for alternative printing methods, such as flexographic or lithographic printing?

 ▪ Does your packaging require additional customization options such as inserts, dividers, cutouts, or other unique styles that cannot be self-purchased?

 ▪ Would bulk ordering packaging at a volume discount be operationally and financially beneficial to your business?

Are these questions causing you distress? Or even have thoughts of giving up on upgrading your packaging? East Color is your best solution for custom packaging boxes. East Color can provide one-stop service from design to production, solving all your upgrade packaging worries!


Whether you need help sourcing custom styles, developing prototypes, managing margins, or facilitating distribution, we have experts ready to help make your wholesale custom packaging options easier.


Benefits of Wholesale Custom Packaging

Find thousands of packaged products for every order?

The higher the number of customized boxes at one time, the more you can save on the cost of the boxes, and the boxes are very convenient to keep and will not have problems for a long time.


Here are some questions to consider when starting to process large wholesale orders.

Which material is best for your product? East Color has experts in packaging to advise you based on your product type, and they will work with you every step.

        Have an idea for your packaging but are not sure how to get it from the idea to your customer? You can share your ideas with East Color, and we will help you realize your ideas based on our extensive experience customizing packaging boxes.

       Are you looking for a way to make your high-volume orders more sustainable? Innovative and sustainable packaging solutions are essential to our customers, who are increasingly interested in supporting brands that incorporate eco-friendly packaging into their custom designs. Whether you're already there or want more help with sustainability


What does your budget look like? For volume customization customers, East Color can offer significant discounts, and East Color can provide you with a range of packaging materials, printing processes, color options, and packaging styles based on your cost requirements so that you can choose the best custom packaging for your limit cost.

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