Why Packaging is Important For Brand Promotion
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Why Packaging is Important For Brand Promotion

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Packaging is usually the first thing customers see - whether they buy online or offline.

Imagine you go to the grocery store to buy cereal. There's a whole aisle of similar-looking cereals. How do you make your choice - by reading the description of each product or just choosing the one that catches your eye? Probably the latter!

First impressions play an important role in products, and packaging is the key to unlocking ongoing sales and lasting brand impressions.

Not paying enough attention to your packaging can lead to unhappy customers, misplaced messages, and shrinking sales.

Here, we discuss the importance of product packaging and how to create a memorable packaging experience for your customers.

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So why is packaging so important?

Your product packaging is your customer's first contact with your brand and directly impacts your product sales and brand recognition. Let's look at a few key reasons why the packaging was so crucial in 2022.


1. Brand recognition

Since your product packaging makes the first impression on your customers, it needs to have an impact. The best part of custom packaging is its ability to reflect your brand through every inch of it.

It can have a substantial impact on your brand image and recognition so that your customers can recognize the product and brand from a distance through the packaging alone.

The first thing a brand becomes tangible is the product packaging," says Vanshika Mehta, an independent brand strategist. The customer's visual, sensory, and tactile experience will determine whether they buy the product. Today, the packaging is a differentiator. When we think of Tiffany's, we think of blue-green and ribbons - the connection between packaging and experience is unbreakable."

This brand identity establishes recall value - the ability to identify your product by its packaging alone without having to read the brand name. It can seriously impact decision-making and potentially affect your product sales.


2. Part of the experience

The "unboxing" experience is almost as necessary to customers as the fun of the product itself. This is why unboxing videos have become popular on Instagram and YouTube.

One brand that offers a satisfying unboxing experience is Sonos. Its minimalist and sophisticated boxing is innovative but provides a great customer experience.

Product packaging plays a crucial role in providing a pleasant customer experience after the first purchase. In addition to purchasing the product, they will feel special when they open the package. Through this, you become part of this valuable moment.


3. Stand out on the shelf

As more and more brands try to create unique products or experiment with their store displays, today's products compete for attention on the shelf.

Branded packaging can help your product stand out from the crowd and make your brand more attractive to retailers.

Suppose a retailer wants to showcase a product from one of the many brands in that category. In that case, they may choose products that look attractive and tell a story. By doing so, they offer their customers a range of quality products while making their shelves look better.


4. An opportunity to share your values

Product packaging is attractive and can enhance the overall look and feel of a product. But beyond that, it plays a vital role in communicating your brand story and the values you hold. With intelligent product copy, you can communicate how the product will make your customers feel, what materials are used to make it, and what difference it will make to their lives. Not only that, but the materials you use show your sustainability - green, paperless packaging communicates your love of the environment and the values you uphold. This ultimately impacts your overall brand image, fostering customer loyalty.

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5. Connect with your customers

Your packaging is usually the first thing your customers see before the product. This allows you to use your packaging copy to connect with your customers. Zero in on your core values as a brand. Think about how you want to communicate with your customers and how you want to manage the perception of your brand. This will help you create packaging that speaks directly to your customers and creates a long-term connection with them. 


6. Differentiate your brand

Today, product competition is more intense than ever. However, your packaging can set you apart from other brands selling similar products so that customers choose you over them.

Custom packaging is your answer if you want a competitive advantage and portray your product as the customer's first choice.


7. Design influences buying decisions

While you can only experiment so much with box and packaging styles, the possibilities for graphic design are almost endless. In addition to appealing visual elements, design influences purchase decisions in several ways.

▪ Evoking emotion through connectivity

▪ Tailoring packaging to customer needs through visual elements

▪ Enhances brand awareness

▪ Color and typography enhance the appearance of the package and elevate the initial status of the product


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