2022 moon cake packaging, 7 beautiful moon cake packaging design for your reference
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2022 moon cake packaging, 7 beautiful moon cake packaging design for your reference

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The 2022 Mid-Autumn Festival is coming soon, and all major restaurant brands will customize their own branded mooncakes for this festival, either as sales or as gifts for customers.

In this article, East Color will share with you 7 beautiful mooncake packaging designs, hoping to give you a little inspiration for your mooncake packaging design in 2022.

1. Shangri-La Hotel Singapore

mooncake packaging

It's hard not to be overwhelmed by Shangri-La's mooncake box design. The box is decorated with blooming flowers in nostalgic red and elegant turquoise to represent the harvest season. We love the four delicate drawers that will no doubt hold your fine jewelry for the coming year. Keep the "door" of this mooncake jewelry box open - it will create an elegant separation from the rest of the items on the dressing table.

2. Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel

mooncake packaging-1

Brilliant red is the game's name at the Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel. The mooncake box is designed in a bright deep red color. Twist the golden spiral clasp to reveal a golden wrapped drawer with floral and sparrow motifs, symbolizing love, joy, and unity. This box can easily be used as a mooncake jewelry box or displayed as a decorative item in your home.

3. The Fullerton Hotel

mooncake packaging-2

The Fullerton Hotel features a simple and elegant rectangular mooncake box design. Find their classic assortment in a four-compartment box in soft pink and turquoise hues. They also painted some vibrant flowers, adding a traditional twist to the otherwise modern box design. After the celebration, clean up the box and fill it with your favorite trinkets or cosmetics - perhaps an eyeshadow pot and cheek blushes?

4. Yan

mooncake packaging-3

Yan's charming midnight blue mooncake box design strikes the perfect balance between traditional and modern. This two-tier box comes with a top case, a drawer, and even a velvet ring holder for an easier transition to a mooncake jewelry box. With this box, you'll have no excuse to organize your dresser.

5. Starbucks

mooncake packaging-6

This Starbucks mooncake packaging from Starbucks, designed and produced in collaboration with East Color, is made from environmentally friendly materials and is a sustainable packaging design with a very coordinated and minimalist color choice for the appearance, giving a very comfortable feeling. The box is very distinctive with its cabinet-style double-layer design, and the interior design is very generous, making it ideal for keeping as a jewelry box or storage box. Because sustainable packaging, even if thrown away, will not cause pollution to the environment.

6. ChangHoSek

mooncake packaging-4

Tingkat deliveries were all the rage during homecoming, and we love that ChangHoSek has brought back their signature packaging for their 2020 mooncake collection. Vibrant contrasting colors of native Chinese batik patterns adorn this Tingkat mooncake box design. Were they not packing a lunch anytime soon? Then repurpose this Tingkat carrier into a jewelry box! Separate the individual tiffin and organize each type of jewelry in it. You can even wrap the more delicate parts in glasses cloth to keep them glossy.

7. Peach Garden

mooncake packaging-5

How gorgeous does this mooncake box design look? Peach Garden's orange lantern boxes stand out from the competition, in which you'll find four mini drawers. Every dresser needs one of these! It will sit beautifully in the corner of your dresser, where you can grab your favorite jewelry and accessories.

If the mooncake packaging styles above haven't stimulated your design inspiration, you can also check out more packaging design styles through our product section “Food Packaging”. You can also leave a comment or contact East Color directly. We have a professional design team who can provide professional design advice.

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