9 Tips for Cosmetic Packaging Design 2022
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9 Tips for Cosmetic Packaging Design 2022

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A product's packaging is the first impression we give to our customers. Whether it's a product on the shelves of a brick-and-mortar store, or a product sold by mail through an e-commerce platform, a good packaging design not only allows us to catch the consumer's eye but also enhances the image of your brand in the consumer's mind. Excellent packaging design can even directly help you capture the consumer's heart and make them become loyal fans of your brand.

In this article, we will share with you 9 design tips for cosmetic packaging, hopefully providing inspiration for your upcoming new cosmetic product packaging design. Here's a look with East Color, a custom packaging box manufacturer.

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1. Simplicity can go a long way

A simple and striking package design that utilizes excellent color combinations can achieve great results.

A simple and minimalist design means you omit unnecessary details from your packaging that may confuse buyers.

The minimalist design also has the potential to stand out from the rest of the noisy and cluttered shelves. It provides a breath of fresh air and a higher perceived value for your brand.

2. Use laminated or scented packaging

Laminated and coated packaging with great aesthetic appeal draws attention to itself.

Adding texture and fragrance to your cosmetic packaging can also increase sales by 80%.

Adding a combination of matte and glossy laminates to packaging elements can create depth and appeal.

3. Add luxury through foil stamping

Using gold and silver foil stamps can add a luxurious effect to your product packaging.

Foil stamps are visually appealing and can bring a stunning ambiance to your products.

Foil stamping is also cost-effective but provides a high-quality feel that stands out on the shelf.

cosmetic packaging design

4. Add Tactile Appeal

The tactile appeal of your packaging can influence buyers' decisions.

Embossing creates visual sophistication by adding a new dimension to your brand message and graphics.

Adding texture to your packaging creates more depth and can be used to highlight elements of your brand, such as your logo or brand name.

5. Tell your brand story through artwork

Your brand story sets you and your company apart.

Coming up with a package design that tells your brand story will allow you to connect with people who believe in your vision and advocacy.

6. Make your logo the focal point

Minimalist design appeals to those who don't like to be presented with "overwhelming" details.

Classic packaging with a minimalist design works because it makes people think your products are worth buying, and you don't need too many words to convince people to buy them.

Minimalist designs emphasize your brand logo, use space creatively, and use straightforward typography. 7.

7. Choose eco-friendly packaging options

Customers are now concerned about the environmental efforts of brands, making sustainable packaging very popular.

Sustainable packaging means you participate in conserving natural resources by minimizing paper waste and designing packaging that can be reused, repurposed, or recycled.

Simple folded-edge kraft boxes or uncoated pillow-shaped boxes are some of the most common sustainable packaging structures.

8. Create experiences

People are glued to their smartphones daily, and brands must leverage all platforms to deliver their messages.

If you can deliver a fantastic customer experience, people will talk about and endorse your product on social media.

Package your products in such a way that unboxing brings excitement and thrill.

Add cardboard or foam inserts to organize and separate your products. Doing so creates a better visual experience.

Thank you notes, and branded paperweights can also help make an impression.

They show consumers that your brand takes the time to display merchandise beautifully and add a personal touch.

9. Premium feel

If your brand is focused on offering premium products, you must ensure that your approach is uniform and that your cosmetic packaging is unique.

Luxury rigid and premium gift boxes will always leave your customers "wowed"!

If none of the above packaging design tips match your ideas, you can check out more of our cosmetic packaging design styles through our cosmetic packaging section or contact us directly. East Color has a professional design team that can provide expert cosmetic packaging design advice.

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