What should I do for custom cosmetic packaging design?
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What should I do for custom cosmetic packaging design?

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The cosmetic industry has a bright future, but high profits also make this industry relatively competitive. And luxury cosmetic packaging, an important part of cosmetics to build a brand, has a great impact on the sales of cosmetics. So, what should be done in custom cosmetic packaging, cosmetic product packaging design? What are the tips? Take a look!

custom cosmetic packaging

Cosmetic packaging design of material selection

Material is the basis of cosmetic packaging, the choice should take into account the characteristics of the material (such as transparency, the degree of difficulty of molding, the role of protection of skin care products, etc.), cost, brand or product positioning, product features, and so on.

At present, the common cosmetic packaging materials are mainly plastic, glass and metal.

Generally speaking, for medium and low-grade water milk and cream, plastic can be used, which is highly malleable and has more possibilities in modeling, as well as being more affordable.

For high-end essences or creams, you can choose crystal clear glass, which utilizes the texture of glass to create a more high-end feel.

And like essential oils, sprays and other volatile skin care products, you need to choose a stronger barrier to water and oxygen metal materials to ensure the effectiveness of the product.

Cosmetic packaging design of modeling design

Cosmetics modeling design, to fully consider the form of cosmetics and the ease of use, choose the most appropriate modeling. Generally speaking, liquid or milky cosmetics, choose bottles, creams with cans easier to access, and like loose powder, eye shadow and other powder or solid, more boxed, trial packages with plastic bags most convenient and cost-effective.

Although the common shape of bottles, cans, boxes and bags, but the current process is advanced, change the shape is also relatively convenient, so in the design, but also according to the characteristics of cosmetics, to do some creative or humane design, making the brand more distinctive.

Cosmetic packaging design style design

Different consumers, preferred design style is very different. Therefore, when doing cosmetic packaging design, we must first clarify the target consumer's gender, age, work background, preferences, etc., and then according to their characteristics, select the appropriate color, font, graphics, etc. to design, so that when consumers see, there is a kind of “ah, that's it”, “I like” feeling. Like” feeling.

cosmetic packaging design to strengthen the brand tone

Unlike other industries, the cosmetics industry has no brand, about the same as no sales, although people have a heart of love for beauty, but can spend more on cosmetics, education and income are not bad, and this part of the population, they are more willing to consume well-known brands.

And this also means that the cosmetics brand to get more consumer recognition, must have visibility and recognition. Therefore, when doing cosmetic packaging design, we must focus on the elements of the brand and the expression of the advantages, such as specific colors, graphics, so that the brand is more recognizable, thus leaving a deep impression in the minds of consumers, helping the brand in the fierce competition in the market, to gain a better advantage.

Cosmetic packaging design to highlight the advantages of the product

Product packaging is the best advertising space, in the flow of expensive, fierce competition in the industry today, we need to make better use of packaging, so in custom cosmetic packaging for the last wave of effective marketing to promote turnover. Specifically, we can refine their own cosmetic most valuable and attractive features, selling points, etc., placed in an eye-catching position, in addition to text, but also with color or graphics to express, such as blue or green, highlighting the product's refreshing, in the package with pictures of raw materials, to indicate natural and so on.

It should be noted that cosmetics, especially high-end cosmetics, product packaging are concerned about simplicity, high-end, atmosphere, therefore, we highlight the advantages of the product at the same time, but also pay attention to the proportion, too much information is too mixed, too much and too little.


Through the above points, cosmetic brands can create a unique box design, improve product reputation and market competitiveness. custom cosmetic packaging with high attractiveness and uniqueness of the cosmetic box design can win the love and trust of consumers, and push the cosmetic brand to the road of commercial success.

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