How to Design Your Food Packaging? 4 Trends of 2022 For You to Reference
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How to Design Your Food Packaging? 4 Trends of 2022 For You to Reference

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In the age of e-commerce, product packaging has become an essential competitive factor for significant goods and brands, and the food industry is no exception.

Major food brands attempt to satisfy consumers' appetites by investing in their packaging.

Keep your competitive edge by aligning your food packaging with your brand values, driving innovation, creating a memorable customer experience, and adding a little fun to your customers' everyday lives.

So how should we design food packaging to achieve customer capture? Custom packaging manufacturer East Color shares below 4 food packaging trends for 2022, which hopefully will give you a little inspiration for your food packaging design.

1. Sustainable Packaging

Growing awareness and recognition of climate change issues is driving the global green movement. As a result, sustainable packaging will remain significant in 2022.

Brands need to consider the packaging their food comes in and how they can reduce their carbon footprint.

Eco-conscious consumers want to support brands that align with their values and are willing to pay a premium price. Therefore, marketers must consider how they can use plastic-free and biodegradable packaging options to engage their target customers while ensuring that the packaging continues to work and that the customer experience is intact.

These eco-friendly food packaging options include products packaged in cardboard catering boxes, cardboard food sleeves, and custom food service papers. The push for sustainability and zero waste may even see the introduction of edible food packaging in the future.

sustainable packaging

2. Smart packaging

The intersection of technology and packaging is emerging in the age of intelligent devices.

"Smart packaging" is not about packaging intelligence but rather about allowing consumers to interact with their packaging, rather than just opening it to access their food. Technology elements on packaging, such as QR codes, social media interactions, online games, etc., can spark consumer interest and improve their experience with your brand.

These elements can be powerful tools to let customers know about your products with a simple tap or scan on their smartphone. Imagine having customers scan a code on the package that sends them to a landing page containing more information about your food.

As technology continues to dominate, customer expectations for technology integration will continue to grow. Brands must keep up with trends to maintain a competitive edge and meet consumer demand.

3. Personalized packaging

Consumers are attracted to products that are personalized in a variety of ways. A personal touch, such as a name or message on the packaging, can make your customers feel special and improve their experience with your brand.

Especially in the economic struggle to limit our interactions, customers feel drawn to communication, even through your packaging. This trend is becoming the industry standard as consumers crave more customization and interaction with brands.

When Coca-Cola launched its "Share a Coke" campaign, it created a buzz and drove sales. Customers can personalize their Coke bottle or can by adding a name to it.

Studies show that personalization in marketing can increase revenue by 15%. In addition to standard branding on packaging (such as color, typography, and other brand elements), customers will be looking for more in the saturation industry.

Consumers want to connect more deeply with the brands they buy products from. Consumers especially like food packaging that reflects their lifestyle and dietary choices. Customize your food packaging design to tell a unique story that matches the values of your target customers. This allows you to share your brand vision and philosophy as your customers interact with your product and allows them to align with your product.

This is especially important if your food products are sold through an e-commerce platform and your customers cannot experience the packaging in person before purchase. A strong brand story can provide your customers with an interactive experience without touching or feeling the packaging.

Whether you sell food offline or online, identifying ways to communicate your brand story on the packaging will be an essential part of engaging your customers.

food packaging design

4. Transparent packaging

Another trend this year is food packaging made from transparent materials. As consumers begin to pay attention to the ingredients used in food products and how they are made, the desire of companies to increase transparency has increased.

This means allowing customers to eat with their eyes by viewing the food they are buying as well as informing your customers of the ingredients and benefits.

Revealing what's inside the package allows customers to visualize what the food looks like, giving them a sense of trust in the product and helping to increase their trust in the brand.

Take the guesswork out of your customers by showing them exactly what they will receive through transparent and forthcoming information that communicates the value of your product versus opaque packaging.


These are the 4 trends of 2022 food packaging. I wonder if there is a little help for you to conceive your product packaging? If you want more packaging design inspiration, you can visit our website's "Food Packaging" page, where we have designed various food packaging for your reference. You can also leave a message or send an email to us. We have a professional design team to provide you with design solutions.

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