Tips For Custom Luxury Jewellery Packaging
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Tips For Custom Luxury Jewellery Packaging

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Jewellery, we know that according to the material used, design, brand, etc., there are different grades, and there is the daily civilian. There are also suitable for grand occasions and luxury high-end. For different grades of jewellery, no, I should say even the same grade of jewellery, jewellery packaging box design style has a lot of options. In this article, jewellery packaging manufacturers East color will share with you the design of luxury jewellery packaging.

Luxury jewellery packaging box design must be gorgeous to highlight its class. Not necessarily, high-end luxury jewellery will sometimes use some simple design. The important thing is the choice of packaging design process and collocation effect, whether it can meet the corporate brand and whether the product itself wants to highlight the theme.


The following are some of the standard processes of color matching in luxury jewellery packaging.

1. neutral tones, often white or black as the primary color

2. metallic colors

3. serif fonts

4. Angular fonts and shapes

Let's not forget one of the non-negotiable aspects of luxury: quality materials. This means high-quality leather, smooth lacquered plastic, custom wooden boxes, and thick, durable paper for packaging labels and other paper elements. No matter how your luxury jewellery packaging looks, it needs to feel luxurious in the hands of the buyer. When choosing materials for your packaging and calculating your budget, keep this in mind. The texture goes a long way in conveying a sense of luxury, especially regarding packaging. Think about the difference between a value-centric shopping bag in a mall store (usually a thin plastic bag or, in the case of paper bags, an essential collapsible kraft bag) and a shopping bag in a high-end store. In many cases, luxury retailers invest in thicker, more durable bags that convey a sense of quality through every touch point with buyers.

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Anything "extra" about the packaging also indicates that you've put extra thought into designing the packaging, conveying quality. For jewellery packaging, this might mean a box that unfolds outward or slides open by pulling on a ribbon rather than a simple box with a lid. You can see this mechanism in the box below, paired with a design that mimics the look of a wax seal.

Another common feature you'll find in luxury packaging is the sleek, streamlined look and feel. You can browse some of the custom jewellery packaging East color has created for our clients in our Custom jewellery Packaging section. For each client and each different type of jewellery, we will communicate with the client and design a packaging design that best fits the direction of the client's product promotion and satisfies the client.

If you need to custom luxury jewellery packaging, welcome to contact us!

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