What are the factors to look for in wine packaging?
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What are the factors to look for in wine packaging?

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More and more consumers are choosing to order their wine products online and deliver them directly to their doors. From gifts to groceries, there are many reasons why consumers are turning to e-commerce for their beverages, and it's critical that your wine packaging fits this new trend.

Shipping wine products requires the ultimate protection for your wine packaging, but it also needs to create a memorable unboxing experience and perfectly mimic your brand message. What should we look for in wine packaging? East Color, a professional custom packaging manufacturer, will discuss this with you in this article.

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Why is wine packaging important?

As winemakers move to online shopping, wine packaging is more important than ever. Having suitable packaging can open up a world of opportunity in the online space. With well-thought-out wine packaging, your business can get products directly into the hands of consumers in the most efficient way possible while still ensuring they arrive in pristine condition.

In the case of wine packaging, it's not just the protection and transportation of the product that matters but the experience it provides for the customer. The proper packaging will delight consumers and create a memorable unboxing experience.

No matter what the product packaging is, it must take into account the characteristics of the product when designing it and thoroughly consider whether the design of the packaging fits the product, so there are different design requirements for different types of product packaging, and only when these design details are taken into account can it be considered excellent packaging for that product, so what are the detailed factors that need attention when customized wine packaging design?

Factors to keep in mind for wine packaging

 • Protection

  • Unpacking and returns

  • Sustainability

  • Branding

  • Promote growth

Protection: The most crucial function of wine packaging is to protect the contents and ensure that your bottles arrive in pristine condition every time. For high-value wines, you may want to consider using an ISTA-certified packaging supplier who can rigorously test the performance of your packaging by simulating your supply chain conditions.

Unpacking and returns: The experience your wine packaging provides to your customers must match the quality of the product inside. 59% of consumers say they want packages that can be easily opened without a knife or scissors. In addition, 74% of consumers say packages should be easy to return.

Sustainability: Sustainability is a crucial consideration for all businesses and should be considered at every step of the process, from procurement to shipping. 71% of customers want packages that are easy to handle, such as easy to flatten and free of mixed materials. 69% say packaging should be paper-based.

Branding: Your wine packaging is an extension of your brand and part of your product, so it must showcase your business in the best possible way. Consumers want the package to be consistent with what they know about your brand, whether it comes from your in-store display or your website. Paper packaging offers the possibility to fully customize your printed materials and quickly adapt them to seasonal promotions.

Promote growth: No matter the size of your business, wine packaging should promote growth and be easily scalable over time. The proper packaging will optimize your production line and improve the packaging process for your product. Whether your customers order one bottle or ten, you need a portfolio of wine packaging designs to meet all requirements.

A great packaging design requires perfection in every detail, so if you want the perfect custom packaging design for your product, contact East Color, a one-stop custom packaging manufacturer that can easily design and produce your product packaging.

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