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What is a custom box

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In this era of competitive e-commerce, influential brands are paying more attention to packaging and quality. Because today's customer's first impression is essential, they will be attracted by what they see before opening the package. In this case, how you package it will tell you a lot about your company and is very important for brand building. That's what custom boxes can do for you!

custom boxes 

In short, custom boxes are specifically designed to meet your company's needs. They impress customers with stunning graphics, ensure product safety, complement advertising strategies, and build brand loyalty.


Customers can request specific shapes, sizes, materials, colors, and styles when ordering custom boxes. Next, we will let you have a deeper understanding of custom boxes through the following points:

▪ Choice of materials for custom boxes

▪ The Process Custom Box 

▪ Benefits of custom boxes



Choice of materials for custom boxes

Custom boxes are made from different materials, but these two are the main options for this type of packaging.


Cardboard SBS (Solid Bleached Sulfate): This is a raw fiber grade whiteboard. It is available coated or uncoated. It is also light and usually flat, making it ideal for printing. It is easily cut, folded, embossed, or foil stamped. The material is suitable for pharmaceutical, retail packaging, and other forms of high-end packaging.


Corrugated board: This type of board is laminated with corrugated paper in the middle. A corrugated board protects the main product by giving the box a cushioning effect. You can choose between single-wall or double-wall construction, depending on the product's fragility.


The Process Custom Box 

1. Design: Before the manufacturing process can begin, you must first provide the design of the custom printed box. After all, you know what to show your customers or what appeals to them. Of course, East Color also has a team of designers who can assist you with the box design if you do not already have a complete design.


2. Printing: The next stage is printing. Several printing technologies are used to create custom boxes: digital printing, flexographic printing, and lithographic lamination. You can choose the type of printing you need for your specific needs.


Benefits of custom boxes

1. Make your brand stand out

Many businesses ship items in plain kraft corrugated cardboard boxes, which means all packaging looks the same and doesn't show the world your brand. Custom boxes allow you to use logos, messages, and artwork to showcase your brand to your customers.


2. Create an experience

Great packaging is a way to communicate to your customers that you care about what you have to offer them. Better yet, customers love the "unboxing experience." Imagine if they received a product in a cute custom box with sparkling colors and a perfect 3D graphic of your company logo. Your business will benefit even more if people experience and share great unboxing moments with friends, family, social media followers, and fans.


3. Protect your products

No business wants to package its products in fragile boxes. These include oversized boxes and poor-quality finishes. Custom boxes ensure safety because they are the right size to prevent movement or sliding that could damage delicate products.

Designers from reputable custom box manufacturers and sellers understand this and work with brands to ensure a lasting impression on consumers.


4. Protect the environment

Custom boxes are made from biodegradable materials, which means they are safe for the environment. They can be recycled multiple times, thus saving trees - the primary source of raw material for box manufacturing.


5. Save money

The cost of damaged goods can be detrimental to any business. Remodeling or replacing damaged products can be costly. Custom boxes come with the right fit and cushioning to protect delicate products. You can also purchase custom paper that provides additional cushioning while giving the first impression of safety and care.


Where can I order a custom box?

If you need custom packaging for your product series and want a long-term reliable partner, East color is your trustworthy choice. We have a strong design team to provide you with excellent personalized packaging design, have several production plants, including production bases in Vietnam, to meet your significant needs, and can provide a very cost-effective service.

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