What is holiday packaging and do you need it?
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What is holiday packaging and do you need it?

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For many businesses, the holidays generate more than 50% of their annual sales, so it's safe to say that the holidays are a big deal, and packaging plays an integral role.

Don't forget that consumers like convenience; when they buy holiday gifts, many are for loved ones, loved ones, and friends. Many consumers now prefer products with a gift box design because it reduces the hassle of secondary packaging. Specialized holiday packaging can add value to your product and customer experience, whether it's Christmas or Valentine's Day.

Change your packaging by changing the package design to fit the holiday you want to serve or choosing a limited edition, high-quality solution such as a rigid box to complement the theme. You can turn your everyday products into a precious, ready-to-deliver gift-opening experience.

The holidays are a time of concentrated consumer spending and, therefore, when major brands and companies pull out all the stops to gain customers and sales. What better way to grab customers' attention than with holiday packaging?

holiday packaging

Holiday Packaging and Capacity Planning

Not sure how much packaging you need for the holidays?

Depending on your product's history of success during the holidays, packaging needs during this time can be nearly 80% higher than your daily routine sales.

Projected numbers can be assumed from historical data or by adding multipliers to your regular sales volume.

For example, suppose you expect to spend 30% more on marketing to get 50% more customer engagement and release limited edition products that are expected to drive 30% more demand. In that case, you can multiply those increases by your regular sales to get an expected holiday sales projection.

We recommend ordering at least 20% more products than you expect to sell. That way, if you exceed them, you're covered; if you don't, that's okay too.

You have some packaging in place for the coming year.

Break down your budget

We've outlined your marketing expenses, but what about product costs, fulfillment costs, and shipping costs during the holidays?

The proper budget is the key to holiday success.

Expect to increase your marketing spending during the holidays to get higher sales conversion rates.

Product parts and labor costs can be higher during periods of high demand, especially in the past few years, so expect higher costs in this department.

Distribution and shipping centers are also busier during this period, with a high level of gift-giving activity through deliveries.

Shipping costs can increase by more than 80% compared to non-holiday periods.

This is due to increased demand and reduced availability. When budgeting for your packaging, consider the unit profit compared to your total product cost, including all of the above.

Remember, your packaging adds value to your product and will likely pay for itself in this regard.

Get inspired

Never stop learning and improving your product.

Study companies that have had great success with holiday packaging and get inspired by them.

The truth is that packaging your products can significantly impact your holiday sales.

In this age of social networking, many consumers are buying products not only for their use but also to collect special edition packaging or to share it on social media. Therefore, if we want to capture the mindset of this segment of consumers when designing packaging, we need to put more thought into studying the trends of social networks.

This is especially true for companies that use packaging as part of the overall brand experience. Of course, if you have a good custom packaging manufacturer partner, you can also reduce many packaging design burdens, such as East Color. We provide a one-stop packaging design and production services professional design team with rich design experience to provide you with packaging design advice, including material selection and production process, to help you complete the complete process of product packaging design to finished products. If you also want to efficiently complete your next product holiday packaging project, you are welcome to contact us.

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