Clothing Packaging Ideas for 2023
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Clothing Packaging Ideas for 2023

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2023 is coming soon, and fashion trends differ from year to year. For the new year's clothing concept, have you already conceived, ready to launch a new series of clothing? In today's competitive environment, how to catch the eye of customers for the first time and enhance the customer experience are the key for each clothing brand to gain customers' market. So how can we do these two things through clothing packaging? Below we will share a few ideas for clothing packaging in 2023.

1. Eco-friendly bags

It is best to use garment bags to ensure your clothing arrives without any wrinkles or creases. While there are a variety of garment shipping bags to choose from, it is essential to consider the sustainability of the bag you choose. Because traditional plastics are made from a non-renewable resource, petroleum, they are harmful to the environment and are, therefore, increasingly resisted by customers. On top of that, plastic bags can take more than 1,000 years to decompose in landfills, releasing harmful chemicals.

Eco-friendly garment bags are a great alternative and an effective way to package clothing or accessories. Using translucent materials enhances the customer experience. Your customers will see a preview of the product they are ordering while maximizing the space inside the package and protecting your product.

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2. Recyclable Hangtags

Little details matter, so why not add hang tags to your garments? Hang tags are a great way to share extra information because they can be customized to show garment size details, social media handles, care instructions, a QR code linking to your website, and more!

If your product is one-of-a-kind, locally made, or made from sustainable materials, then clothing tags are the perfect place to mark this and show what makes your clothing products unique. You can also switch designs for limited editions, seasonal collections, or personalized orders.

For a sophisticated surprise, folded hang tags will keep your customers interested and interacting closely with your product! Display your logo on the front and a QR code inside to direct customers to your brand's website or a sustainability page with recycling information.

3. Customized toilet paper

Branded tissue paper is a favorite of apparel and accessory brands, and for a good reason. This decorative packaging can be customized to showcase your brand and enhance the presentation of your apparel by wrapping it in it. While the thin paper is lightweight, it also adds an extra layer of protection for shipping.

4. Custom Drawstring Bags

A eco friendly packaging bag is an excellent option if you have a delicate piece of clothing or accessory that needs to be protected from getting lost in the package. They keep products safely inside the pouch or shipping box as they move around in transit, and they're a thoughtful way to showcase products to customers.

5. Customized paper bags

You can't go wrong with custom paper bags if you want to transform your apparel brand from a shopping experience to a status symbol. Branded tote bags are the ultimate chic form of appreciation for brand advocates who can't get enough merchandise.

Using tote bags as a way to wrap apparel before putting it in a box or mailing bag will pay off for your branding and marketing efforts as customers continue to use the tote bags and support your brand in their daily lives.

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6. Customize clothing packaging box

A custom box is a way to go if you're looking for more durable clothing packaging than mailing bags. Shipping boxes are made of corrugated cardboard material, which means they hold their shape rather than bending with the product inside. This is useful for accessories or jewelry that need to be held securely during shipping, but they also provide a unique unboxing experience for garments.


You can consider adding the above elements to your apparel packaging design for the next 2023, which mentions environmental elements several times. As consumers' concept of environmental protection gradually improves, future packaging with an environmental theme will become more and more popular. It can also showcase the image of companies that value environmental protection, which is an excellent way to build a positive brand image for consumers. Of course, in addition to adding a variety of trim designs to enhance the consumer user experience, the packaging fits the design theme of the clothes. The brand's image is also essential, so you need an experienced clothing packaging manufacturer to advise on your design and complete production. East Color can provide you with one-stop clothing packaging design and production services, which is your reliable choice.

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